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We are a private investment firm in Oman, with over $2.8 billion of capital under management. Since 2008, Al Safizh Switchgear Investment Company has been representing powerful individuals from the Gulf region in managing their financial affairs in investment. Al Safizh Switchgear Inv Com consists of private loans, debt financing, digital loan financing, Equity, Swiss Credit & Guaranty, and an additional six Al Safizh Switchgear Inv Com affiliated partner companies. Our senior management team has over 35 years of combined professional experience in Commercial Project loan Finance and Venture Capital Funding.

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Services We Ofer

Debt Financing

Reasonable Interest rates on Capital up to Min and Max face value of 500 USD to 2B USD, and the Length of the Loan is 1-25 years. Technology has evolved so should your financing options. Specializing in solutions outside transitional bank loans, we have relationships with family offices, investment banks, and private investors.
Al Safizh Switchgear Investment Company are interested in providing Debt loan and digital Loan investment in the following sectors/projects:

We Offer:
• Aviation
Renewable Energy
• Entertainment
• Real Estate/Property
• Solar Energy
• Mining
• Resources and Mining-Processing and Refining
• Industrial Development-Industrial Zones etc.
• Infrastructure/Transportation
• Oil and Gas Production
• Hospitality-Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants
• Medical /Hospitals/Health and Healthcare
• Food Processing
• Telecommunication/Technology
• Food Production-Agriculture/Aquaculture, etc.

Digital Investment

A trusted authority on digital currency investing, Al Safizh Switchgear Investment Company provides a secure access and diversified exposure to the digital currency asset class.

In this next wave of the digital revolution, digital currencies are emerging as what many believe to be the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet.

Al Safizh Switchgear Investment Company removes the barriers to entry of investing in the cryptocurrency market — allowing everyone to be part of this financial revolution.

We make it simple to add a diversified cryptocurrency investment to complement existing traditional investments. We believe investors deserve an established, trusted, and accountable partner that can help them navigate digital currency investing.

INVEST IN A DIGITAL FUTURE by selecting from our various pre-specified portfolios or, for more experienced investors, customize your portfolio to preference and get started with your next investment.

Our Happy Clients!

Al Safizh Switchgear Investment is a hidden gem in the world of investments. I stumbled upon them while looking for ethical and socially responsible investment options, and I'm glad I did. Their focus on sustainable investments aligned perfectly with my values, and their team went above and beyond to curate a portfolio that reflects my principles. Thanks to Al Safizh, I'm not only growing my wealth but also contributing to positive change in the world. A truly exceptional investment company!
Jason Martin
I have been a loyal client of Al Safizh Switchgear Investment for years, and they consistently deliver outstanding results. Their commitment to transparency and ethical practices is truly commendable. The team at Al Safizh keeps a close eye on the market trends, ensuring my investments are always well-placed for optimal returns. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, and customer-oriented – Al Safizh stands out in the industry.
Barbara Smith
I couldn't be happier with my experience at Al Safizh Switchgear Investment. From the initial consultation to ongoing portfolio management, they've shown genuine care and dedication towards helping me achieve my financial goals. Their diverse range of investment options, coupled with their deep understanding of market dynamics, has proven to be a winning combination. I highly recommend Al Safizh to anyone seeking a reliable and trustworthy investment partner.
Mark Sommers